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Mass Intentions Catholic Family of the Holy Rosary 4/13/24 - 4/21/24

ICC-Immaculate Conception, HS-Holy Spirit, STJ-St. Joseph, EPH-Epiphany, STM-St. Mary's

Saturday, April 13 Vigil Mass

ICC – 4:00pm + Albert Schaffer by Family

STJ – 4:30pm + Daniel Gernatt III by Bob, Carolyn and Family

EPH – 5:30pm + Tom Powenski by Mary Gattie (Birthday Remembrance)

Sunday, April 14 Third Sunday in Easter

EPH– 8:00am + Kathy Smith by Charlie and Family

STJ – 8:30am + Deceased Members of the Hoffman Family by Gerry and Jacque Emborski

HS – 9:30am + Tom and Carmella Carriero by Delores Carriero

STM – 10:15am + Sandy Agnew by Cheryl Wilder

ICC – 11:00am + Frank Miller by Jackie Schultz

Monday, April 15

ICC – 8:00am Dick and Pat (58th Anniversary) by Jerry and Sue

STJ – 9:15am + All Souls by Parishioners

Tuesday, April 16

HS – 8:00am + Mother’s Day Intentions by Parishioners

EPH – 9:15am + George Wittmeyer by Mary Gattie

Wednesday, April 17

ICC – 8:00am + Janet Brinkman by Andy and Annele Neyman

STJ – 9:15am For the Parishioners by Father Piotr

Thursday, April 18

HS - 8:00am + John Orrange by Maggie Orrange

EPH – 9:15am +Chuck Richmond by Mary Richmond

Friday, April 19

ICC – 8:00am Father’s Day Intentions by Parishioners

STJ – 9:15am Special intention of Jody Dispenza by Bill and Lisa Rebmann

Saturday, April 20 Vigil Mass

ICC – 4:00pm + Allan and Joan Hauth by Family

STJ – 4:30pm + Stella Noecker by The Family

EPH – 5:30pm + Fay Comstock by April Green

Sunday, April 21 Fourth Sunday in Easter

EPH – 8:00am + Frank and Lois Kron and Alice Pfarner by the Kron Family

STJ – 8:30am + Stanley Raiport by John, Debi and Family

HS – 9:30am + Helen Hennessy by Maggie Orrange

STM – 10:15am + Bob and Chris Wittmeyer 65th Wedding Anniversary by St. Mary’s Parish

ICC – 11:00am + Marie Schell by Daughters Diane and Nancy


Prayer before Mass Father, with humility and faith, I approach You as I prepare myself to attend Holy Mass, Grant me a trusting heart and a renewed faith so I may always see this Sacrament as Christ’s eternal memorial of His love for us. May I approach this Sacrament with utmost humility and gratitude through Christ our Lord. Amen


Family Mass Schedule

St. Joseph Church/Gowanda

Saturday Vigil, 4:30 pm, Sunday, 8:30 am

Weekday Mass—Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9:15 am.


Saint Mary’s Church/Cattaraugus

Sunday, 10:15 am

No weekday Mass.


Epiphany of Our Lord/Langford

Saturday Vigil, 5:30 pm, Sunday, 8:00 am

Weekday Mass—Tuesday & Thursday, 9:15 am


Holy Spirit/North Collins

Sunday, 9:30 am

Weekday Mass—Tuesday & Thursday, 8:00 am


Immaculate Conception/Eden

Saturday Vigil, 4:00 pm, Sunday, 11:00 am

Weekday Mass—Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 8:00 am





Mass Times St Joseph Gowanda.

Regular Mass Times:

Saturday Vigil - 4:30 p.m.

Sunday - 8:30 a.m.

Weekday Masses
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:15 a.m.

Rectory Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  

(716) 532-5100

St Mary's Parish


St. Joseph Church has a very long history with many stories. Part of its history is as a welcoming community for joining parishes of St. Paul of the Cross (1864), Dayton; St. Elizabeth (1939), Cherry Creek; St. John Fisher (1940), Dayton; St. Joan of Arc (1950), Perrysburg; and St. Joseph’s Church, (1898) Gowanda.

Together we continue to move forward and bring the Gospel message to our larger overall community. I hope that you might join us in continuing to bring the message of Jesus Christ to others, as we continue on our pilgrim journey each day.

March 2020 - Father Innocent